Bioeconomy Hawai`i Forum 2023

What’s new in Energy, Transport & Agriculture?


Agenda & Speakers


Welcome & Introduction


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Carl Campagna

Executive Director, Hawai’i Bioeconomy Trade Organization

Opening remarks from Hawaii Bioeconomy Trade Organization Executive Director Carl Campagna on the mission and vision for advancing local food, energy, transportation, and climate action across the State of Hawai`i

Zachary Wadas

Mechanical Engineering Technician,  Simonpietri Enterprises, LLC

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Session One

What’s new and what are the priorities for the State of Hawai`i in Energy and the Environment? How do those plans integrate with and support an integrated bioeconomy across Hawaii?


Hawaii State Energy Officer appointee Mark Glick and Representative Nicole Lowen talk story about action plans and policy priorities  for the State in energy and the environment; and how they can be integrated with other sectors of the bioeconomy, including through the State of Hawaii’s Hydrogen Hub proposal to the federal government



Moderator: Carl Campagna


Mark GLick

Hawaii State Energy Officer



Rep. Nicole Lowen

Chair, Hawaii State House of Representatives Committee on Energy and the Environment


Zachary Wadas

Mechanical Engineering Technician,  Simonpietri Enterprises, LLC

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Session Two

Our journey to develop a community-informed bioenergy project for Oahu’s West Side


Sharing our story about how we confirmed and evolved the Aloha Carbon construction and demolition debris waste-to-fuel project based upon community input:  What was a surprise?  What was validation?  How did a waste-to-fuel project end up getting into local fertilizer production?



Moderator: Jeff Mikulina


Jeff Mikulina

Long-time sustainability advocate & Host, Empowered Hawaii TV Series

Naomi Kukac

Communications and Community Engagement Manager, the Aloha Carbon project

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Professor, University of Hawaii at West O’ahu


Founder of the Aloha Carbon project & owner, Simonpietri Enterprises LLC

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Zachary Wadas

Mechanical Engineering Technician,  Simonpietri Enterprises, LLC

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Session Three

Talk Story on Transportation and Agriculture and their integration across the Bioeconomy


Senator Lee, Senator Gabbard, and Dr Azizi talk about integrated transportation planning and food production and its intersection with the bioeconomy, to include sustainable aviation fuel,  renewable heavy-duty transport fuel, zero-emission transportation task force planning, and how those can support local food production.



Moderator:  Carl Campagna




Senator Mike Gabbard

Chair, Hawaii State Senate Committee on Agriculture


Senator Chris Lee

Chair, Hawaii State Senate Transportation Committee


Dr Saleh Azizi


Project Director – Hawaii Good Food Alliance

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Ms Alanna James


Managing Director of Sustainability Initiatives, Hawaiian Airlines



Session Three Poll & Break

Session 4:  Bringing it all together: Key Takeaways and Next Steps

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Benton Widlansky

Environmental Manager, Par Hawaii

What did we learn, what are key takeaways? What are our next steps?  A highlight reel of the Forum by Hawaii Bioeconomy Trade Organization board member Benton Widlansky


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