HBeTO was incorporated in the State of Hawai’i on November 7th, 2018


Helping Hawaii Increase Sustainability

Our Mission

    The Hawaii Bioeconomy Trade Organization (HBeTO) is a 501 (c) (6) non-profit trade organization dedicated to advancement of integrated biologically-based systems which produce products and services to re-use waste and make renewable fuel, local food, and value-added products in Hawaii.



Our Purpose

     HBeTO provides a forum for business, logistics, technical, and policy coordination between established and new businesses in the State of Hawai’i to produce sustainable, reliable, and locally produced renewable fuel and energy, food, feed, and consumer goods from plant matter and natural biological materials and wastes.

     The organization seeks to develop beneficial collaborations which innovate re-use of existing infrastructure and industrial systems to reduce lifecycle greenhouse gases relative to imported petroleum energy and food products, support the state’s economic development through use of agricultural land for agribusiness activities,improve resident as well as visitor quality of life, integrate and support Hawaii’s visitor industry through meaningful eco-tourism, and apply science and data-based best practices to re-use waste as well as restore agricultural land, watersheds, and indigenous ecosystems.


 Recognizing that no industry survives in isolation,HBeTO works to find constructive and proactive paths for green fuels and local food development and consumption that include reasonable compensation mechanisms for the contributions made to the supply chain  by local businesses sharing these common business interests.

     HBeTO engages in state-level business, legislative,and regulatory forums with the explicit intent of collaborating with all stakeholders willing to work cooperatively toward food and fuel’s intersection with the State of Hawaii’s clean energy future.


Organizations seeking to join HBeTO can apply to the Board to join one of two councils:

1.Steering Council:

Businesses approved to join at Steering Council level shall nominate one representative to serve as an officer and voting member of the Board of Directors. Businesses joining at Steering Council level vote on Organization officers and representatives, priorities, and trade and policy positions.


2.Innovation Council:

Businesses and organizations joining at the Innovation Council level participate in meetings, conferences, and forums to develop and communicate ways to improve business conditions for success of the Organization’s mission.