Time for Transformational Action!

What are we doing to realize a more sustainable, affordable, reliable, and locally supportive future?

Speakers and Presentations

Session One 

Are we speaking the same language?

Key concepts and terms in the discussion on carbon, greenhouse gas lifecycle and policy, and renewable energy.

Carl Campagna

Executive Director, Hawai’i Bioeconomy Trade Organization

Opening Remarks: Introduction to the Hawaii Bioeconomy Trade Organization Mission & Vision


Laurent Nassif PhD

Senior Director for Renewable Energy Integration – Hawaii Gas

Framing the Discussion on Carbon

What’s the difference between good and bad carbon, what is a greenhouse gas and how does the presence or absence of carbon factor in, how to think about firm versus intermittent for renewable energy supply, and how do we measure sustainability, reliability, and affordability?


Scott Glenn

Hawai’i State Energy Officer

Where Does the Bioeconomy Fit Into the State’s Plan for Clean Energy Transition?


 Presentation to come

Senator Glenn Wakai

Chair, Hawai’i State Senate committee on Energy, Economic Development & the Environment

State Debate on Firm Renewable Energy Generation Policy

Learn where the bioeconomy fits in.

Rep. Nicole Lowen

Chair, Hawai’i State House of Representatives Committee on Energy & the Environment

State of Debate on State Greenhouse Gas Policy

Learn where the bio economy fits in.

 Presentation to come

Kumu Miki’ala Lidstone

Executive Director, Ulu A’E Learning Center and Environmental Justice committee member, Makakilo-Kapolei Neighborhood Board

Community Perspectives on Renewable Energy With a Hawaiian Cultural View 


Session Two

What are we working on right now?

What are current transition plans and timelines for local infrastructure?

Laurent Nassif PhD

Senior Director for Renewable Energy Integration – Hawai’i Gas

Bio Solutions to Balancing Sustainability, Affordability, Reliability & Resiliency

Plan and actions underway by Hawai’i Gas

Joelle Simonpietri

Owner, Simonpietri Enterprises LLC & Founder of the Aloha Carbon Project

Aloha Carbon – A Proposed Local Project to Divert Waste From Landfills & Make Renewable Fuel

Jeff Walsh

Kalaeloa Partners Limited Partnership (KPLP)

The Daily Balance of As-Available Renewable Electricity Generation

Here’s where we are at, what on-peak demand looks like, & how renewable fuels fit in the future of our grid.

Session Three

What can we learn about low-carbon fuel standards?

How might it work if considered for Hawai’i?

Jim Mladenik

Senior Analyst, Stillwater Associates

Options for Reducing Transport Fuel Carbon Intensity

Illustrating fuel greenhouse gas lifecycle vs. tailpipe emissions.

Graham Noyes

Executive Director, Low Carbon Fuel Coalition

Basic Tenets of a Low-Carbon Fuel Standards Program

Compare & contrast  existing LFCS programs in California Oregon, Washington, & British Columbia; and key takeaways that might be most applicable for Hawai’i.

Cory-Ann Wind

Program Administrator, State of Oregon Clean Fuels Program

Why Oregon Chose to Adopt a Low-Carbon Fuel Standard

Actual versus predicted outcomes to date, lessons learned from implementing Oregon’s LCFS program & applicability to Hawai’i.

Chris Lee

Chair, Hawai’i State Senate Committee on Transportation

The Senate Transportation Committee’s Legislative Priorities for Reducing GHG Emissions From Hawaii’s Transport Fuels

Could an LCFS play a role in help Hawai’i reduce transport fuel GHG emissions? What hurdles might there be in doing so?

Session Four

Bringing it all together

What did we learn, what are key takeaways, what are our next steps?  Hawaii State Energy Officer Scott Glenn and Honolulu City Councilmember Calvin Say join Hawai’i Bioeconomy Trade  Organization board members Benton  Widlansky & Joelle Simonpietri for a recap discussion.

Calvin Say


City and County of Honolulu

Scott Glenn

Hawai’i State Energy Officer

Benton Widlansky

Environmental Manager,

Par Hawaii Refining


Hawaii Bioeconomy Trade Organization 

Joelle Simonpietri

President, Simonpietri Enterprises LLC


Hawaii Bioeconomy Trade Organization Board of Directors