Hot Topics for the 2019 Forum included:
• Hawaii’s barrel tax, carbon tax, and renewable portfolio standard: what works and what doesn’t relative to carbon and fuel policy goals in Hawaii and elsewhere?
• Environmental permitting – How do we define success and reduce cost for sustainable projects in Hawai’i’s delicate landscape?
• Commercial aviation is the vital artery for the tourism industry – what can Hawaii realistically do to meet international aviation’s carbon reduction mandate?
• Net-Zero Community real estate development – How can it be done within affordable housing costs?
• Waste to energy conversion – What are the opportunities to displace fossil fuels?
• Evolving Energy Technologies – What are the state-of-the-art innovations in energy technologies and new energy transaction models including but not limited to Microgrids and energy storage in a low carbon future?
• Energy Innovation in Practice – What are the challenges and evolving opportunities in the smart energy sector from emerging and advanced economies?


Bioeconomy Hawaii Forum 2019

Summary of Event Proceedings




Bioeconomy Hawaii Forum 2019 Program


Speakers and Presentations

Welcome Remarks and Scenesetter Presentations

Ronald Kouchi

Senate President, Hawaii State Senate

Welcoming Remarks


Carl Campagna

Executive Director, Hawai’i Bioeconomy Trade Organization

Opening Remarks: Introduction to the Hawaii Bioeconomy Trade Organization Mission & Vision


Mark Nakashima

Vice Speaker, Hawaii State House of Representatives

Welcoming Remarks


Joelle Simonpietri

Owner, Simonpietri Enterprises LLC

& Co-Chair, Bioeconomy Hawaii Forum 2019

Scenesetter: Hot topics in the Hawaii Bioeconomy:

Panel One

Renewable Fuel and Carbon Reduction– Innovation at the intersection between technology, economics, and policy
Moderator: Senator Glenn Wakai, Chair of Senate Energy, Economic Development, and Tourism Committee, Hawaii State Senate
• Nick Paslay, Hawaiian Electric Company
• Aaron Kirk, Hawai’i Gas
• Bob King, Pacific Biodiesel


Bob King

President, Pacific Biodiesel



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Aaron Kirk

Senior Director for Renewable Energy Integration – Hawaii Gas




Nick Paslay

Director of Fuels Operations, Hawaiian Electric Company



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Panel Two

The future of landscapes and the Bioeconomy in Hawaii

Moderator Ms Danielle Bass, Hawaii State Sustainability Coordinator
• Mahi LaPierre, Artisan and ecological restoration practitioner, University of Hawaii
• Sean Connelly, Architect, artist, urban ecologist, and author of Hawaii Futures


Danielle Bass

Hawaii State Sustainability Coordinator



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Mahi LaPierre

Artisan and ecological restoration practitioner, University of Hawaii

Kālai aku, Kālai mai

Understanding Bio Economy from a Hawaiian perspective

Sean Connelly

Architect, artist, urban ecologist, and author of Hawaii Futures

Ala Wai Centennial:  A Memorial Project

Stewardship of water resources in the ahupua`a that feed the Ala Wai Canal area

Panel Three

Housing Development and the “Wireless Grid” Energy Solution

Moderator Ms Carilyn Shon, Hawaii State Energy Administrator
• Timothy Yi, SamKoo Pacific
• John E Waters, Waters & Associates
• Bernice Glen, National Security Technology Accelerator (NSTXL)

Lunch Session


Eric Wright

Senior Vice President, Par Hawaii

Welcoming remarks

Illustrating fuel greenhouse gas lifecycle vs. tailpipe emissions.

Josh Green

Lieutenant Governor, State of Hawai`i

Keynote Remarks

How the bioeconomy and sustainability fit into a vibrant healthy ecosystem for all of Hawai`i

Breakout Workshops

Workshop 1: Renewable Fuel and Fossil Carbon Reduction Policy

● Moderators: Joelle Simonpietri & Matt Kapaliku Schirman
Workshop 2: Net-Zero Project Development and Sustainable Energy Supply for both Built
Environment and Transportation Sectors
● Moderators: Janis Koh & Carl Campagna

Intersession Video:  The Boeing Company

Renewable Jet Fuel Initiative

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